iPhone 6 (700 EUR) vs Lumia 435 (70 EUR): Night photos comparison

Comparing phones like Nexus 6, iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 is more than normal, but when you add an ultra-budget phone to the equation, things get a lot more interesting. Especially if the winner is the one that is ten times cheaper than the high-end competitor. We’re going to make one special test, just for fun, pitting the Microsoft Lumia 435 (with a price of 70 EUR) against the Apple iPhone 6 (with a price of 700 EUR).

Apple iPhone 6Microsoft Lumia 435
Image Resolution8MP (3264 × 2448)2MP (1600 × 900)
Sensor Size0.24″0.14″
ISO32 – 2000100 – 1600

The little trick we used – manual settings. Apple don’t offer it out of the box, which is a great advantage for the Microsoft phone in the set-ups below. The photos are taken using a tripod.

Apple iPhone 6



Microsoft Lumia 435



Apple iPhone 6



Microsoft Lumia 435



We know, of course, that iPhone 6’s sensor is way more advanced than the one in Lumia 435, and this article doesn’t attempt to claim the opposite, but instead, it tries to show you, in a rather amusing way, what you can do with one of the cheapest smartphones on the market and some manual control. And by the way – Lumia 435 definitely deserved its victory today.

We have some more interesting things to share, but we’re gonna do it in a quick review, which will be published in LaptopMedia.com very soon.

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