ASUS N752VX shares the same panel as ASUS ROG G752 and the liquid-cooled GX700

Micr-ASUS-ROG-G752Yep, we were pretty surprised when we found out that the not so expensive multimedia 17-incher ASUS N752VX uses the same panel as the high-end gaming laptops from the same OEM – ASUS ROG G752 and GX700. Our claims are backed up with tons of test results pointing at quality IPS panel with excellent properties.

All three notebooks use the LG-made LP173WF4-SPF3 panel boasting great image quality with high maximum brightness, excellent readings on the contrast ratio, color accuracy and wide sRGB coverage. Moreover, the panel doesn’t use PWM and can be considered as user-friendly so even users with sensitive eyes shouldn’t feel eye fatigue. It’s an excellent panel and it’s also pretty neat for gaming as it offers higher refresh rate than almost all notebooks on the market – 75Hz. This means games can be played at 75 fps, instead of 60, and you can really feel the difference. The experience is more immersive. However, the version found on the N752VX features a standard refresh rate of 60Hz.

That’s another great plus for the N752VX making it literally the best choice for a multimedia-oriented 17-incher.

You can find the ASUS N752VX here:

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6 years ago

Hello, which screen is best (colors, contrast, etc)

N752vx or Y700 17?