ASUS X550VX / K550VX’s battery just can’t keep up with the powerful CPU and GPU

X550VC_Right_Open135_NCA 44Wh battery flowing the juice for the quad-core Core i5-6300HQ and GTX 950M GPU with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM just isn’t enough to keep it running for longer periods of time. Still, the battery was able to put up a fight and scored slightly lower than most of the notebooks at this price range.

You can find some of the available X550VX configurations here:

The web browsing score is 265 minutes (4 hours and 25 minutes) while the video playback tests showed 227 minutes (3 hours and 47 minutes) of battery runtime. We’ve definitely seen better and it still falls short of few minutes. Of course, all tests were done using the same conditions as always – Wi-Fi turned on, Windows battery saving feature turned on and screen luminance set to 120 cd/m2.

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