Battlefield 1 with first gameplay video – EA showed what real action is

UntitledOn May 6 EA made an official announcement of the next Battlefield game. Everyone expected this game to be called Battlefield 5 but the American company made a pleasant surprise by presenting WWI in Battlefield 1. The game is to be released on October 21 and in this article we want to show you the first “trailer” representing parts of the real gameplay.

EA had previously announced that we shall witness the gameplay in the summer, and this came true yesterday. The climax of the show was reached when celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Tyrese Gibson, DeMarcus Cousins, Zac Efron, Terry Crews and many others were involved in the first Battlefield 1 multiplayer. Of course, most of these famous people did not achieve great results but it can be concluded that EA certainly knows how to make show.


Apart from witnessing the real gameplay, which was stunning, we learned a very important thing – the big airship appears when one of the teams is falling behind. It is thanks to this great “innovation” that the company allows you to be back in the game and even win it. We also saw the “boxes” called tanks (after all this is WWI), and the atmosphere is more than astonishing. When you begin playing the sun is shining, and toward the end mist or rain appear and you have to adapt to the new conditions. If you wish to enjoy the complete EA show, you can do so in their Twitch channel, and the video below is the official trailer featuring real gameplay.

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