Dell Inspiron 17 (5749) features a TN panel, but still covers 94% of the sRGB gamut and has an average DeltaE(76) of 1.8

E-micr-Dell Inspiron 17 (5749)The new multimedia notebook from Dell, Inspiron 17 (5749) is a very interesting model, which brings together affordability and mainstream specifications, crammed into a reliable construction. The latter is the main cause for the rather unappealing weight of 3285g / 7.24 lbs, but that’s to be expected (more or less) for a 17-incher.

The pre-installed software gives you plenty of options, and we played a little with the screen settings – you can choose one from five different display color modes, which affect the color temperature, vibrance and skin tones. In the upcoming review, you’ll find out what effect each one of them has on the results. For now we’ve decided to disclose that although the display is TN-based, it successfully covers 94% of the sRGB color gamut, and after calibration we managed to bring down its average DeltaE(76) to just 1.8.

Unfortunately, the screen suffers from relatively aggressive PWM. Stay tuned for the detailed review.

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