NVIDIA GeForce 10 series GPUs to suffer a price increase by the end of the month

It is quite possible if not certain that the prices of NVIDIA’s GeForce 10 series products will rise. The price increase is expected to be around 10%. This is happening global industry-wide shortage of GDDR5 memory chips used by all modern GPUs.

Both of the largest memory manufacturers in the world – SK Hynix and Samsung had the cut their supply of GDDR5 modules. Reportedly they both have increased the price of the chips by 30.8% effective immediately. As we already mentioned this should translate into about 10% increase in the GPU’s prices.

All of NVIDIA’s current graphics cards rely on GDDR5 memory. Prices should rise in a mere week or two. This increase will also affect AMD which uses GDDR5 memory for some of its products such as the RX 500 series GPUs.

The price increase won’t be greeted by PC gamers especially with the holiday season on the verge. We can hope for supplies to get normalized and prices to drop before December.

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