[Comparison] Dell Inspiron 13 5310 vs Inspiron 13 5301 – what are the differences?

With the revamp of Dell’s Inspiron laptops, comes the question, how good are these new laptops. Per Dell’s statement, the new Inspirons are made with home office workers in mind. Today we have the halo device of the new Inspiron line, the Inspiron 13 5310. It has some improvements, mainly in the specs department, which make it a powerful device, that can handle every bit of heavy load that you throw at it.

When it comes to the design, the laptop has some small, but noticeable visual changes. Both laptops come in at a significantly low price so you shouldn’t expect any wonders when it comes to the build materials. Since Dell is now focusing on sustainability, the new device offers an aluminum lid and a base that combines plastic and carbon fiber. This makes for a quite rigid structure, which can only bode well for the device. In contrast, the old device also uses aluminum and plastic but lacks the carbon fiber component. Also, the new device, uses bioplastics, with up to 21% of the machine being made from this natural material. Weight and height are very similar, with the new device weighing only 30 grams more while maintaining the same height of 15.9 mm.

The display gets a big improvement, as it now has the same diagonal of 13.3-inches while having the more productivity-focused 16:10 aspect ratio. This paired with the IPS panel makes it perfect for work and productivity, which this laptop can handle a lot of, due to the power inside. On the Inspiron 13 5301, you had a similar Full HD 13.3-inch display, but it had a 16:9 aspect ratio. The aspect ratio gives the consumer more room on the vertical axis, thus allowing more apps to be fit on the screen at once.

Even though the Inspiron 13 5301 was released this year, Dell still managed to make the Inspiron 13 5310 be an improvement upon it. This is the type of dedication from manufacturers that we want to see. If your laptop won’t be an upgrade to an already existing device, why make it in the first place. The new laptop uses Tiger Lake components, but not the ones that you would expect. We are talking about the fully-fledged H-series chips, which have a higher TDP and offer more performance.

Such powerful hardware in a small form factor is very ambitious on Dell’s part, so let’s hope that they have found a way to handle the increased temperatures. Now that said, the regular Tiger Lake chips that we have seen before are no slouches, so even if you get it with them, you won’t feel like you’re missing out when it comes to performance. The iGPU solutions that Intel provides with their Iris Xe Graphics G4 and G7. If that isn’t enough for you, there is the MX450, which is a direct upgrade to the MX350, from the older Inspiron.

All Dell Inspiron 13 5310 configurations:

All Dell Inspiron 13 5301 configurations:

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