[Specs and Info] Lenovo ups their budget game with the 100w, 300w, and 500w Gen 4 laptops

A few days ago, we showed you several new Chromebook devices from Lenovo, which were mainly targeting students and educational institutions. Now, we have their Windows derivatives, which still offer the same build quality that is very child-proof, along with the same chipset, but swaps the ChromeOS for the very well-known Windows 10, which offers a simplistic user experience that people are used to by now.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the Lenovo 100w, 300w, and 500w (Intel) Gen 3.

Full Specs: Lenovo 100w Gen 3 / Lenovo 300w Gen 3 / Lenovo 500w (Intel) Gen 3

Lenovo 100w Gen 3 configurations:

Lenovo 300w Gen 3 configurations:

Lenovo 500w (Intel) Gen 3 configurations:


The design of the laptops is very similar between the three. They are entirely made out of plastic, which brings down costs but without compromising the build quality. The laptops are built like tanks, with rubber bumpers, which go a long way in minimizing damage from drops or any hit.  In terms of the design itself, you get an abyss blue coating with a speckled finish which looks really good. Also, you should know that the 300w and 500w have a 360-degree hinge, which makes them convertibles. On these two devices, you can see a red square on the side, which actually hides a stylus pen.

Lenovo 100w Gen 31.25 kg (2.8 lbs)19.9 mm (0.78″)
Lenovo 300w Gen 31.33 kg (2.9 lbs)19.9 mm (0.78″)
Lenovo 500w (Intel) Gen 31.33 kg (2.9 lbs)19.9 mm (0.78″)


All the displays here have an identical diagonal and resolution of 11.6 inches and 768p, respectively. The 100w uses a regular display with a TN panel, while the 300w and 500w opt-in for a touchscreen IPS panel. Otherwise, all panels have a max brightness of 250 nits and a 500:1 aspect ratio.

Specifications and features

The 100w and 300w use the AMD 3015e CPU and the RX Vega 3 GPU, which are perfectly fine for these devices. As they will mostly be used for conference calls, along with web browsing and watching movies and videos. The 500w offers the choice between two Jasper Lake CPUs, either the Celeron N5100 or the Pentium Silver N6000, which each have four cores and boost speeds of around 3.00GHz. They also have their own iGPUs, the UHD Graphics with either 24 or 32 Execution Units (EU).

The laptops have a surprisingly wide I/O, which consists of two USB Type-A 3.2 (Gen. 1), one USB Type-C 3.2 (Gen. 1) port with Power Delivery and can act as a DisplayPort, a MicroSD card reader, an HDMI 1.4b connector, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The devices come with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 support, along with a set of Stereo Speakers.

Lenovo 100w Gen 3 (AMD) series

  • Dimensions
  • 289.6 x 202 x 19.9 mm (11.40" x 7.95" x 0.78")
  • Weight
  • 1.25 kg (2.8 lbs)
  • Price
  • Starting at $363.00

Lenovo 300w Gen 3 (AMD) series

  • Dimensions
  • 289.6 x 202.4 x 19.9 mm (11.40" x 7.97" x 0.78")
  • Weight
  • 1.33 kg (2.9 lbs)
  • Price
  • Starting at $199.00

All Lenovo 100w Gen 3 configurations:

All Lenovo 300w Gen 3 configurations:

All Lenovo 500w (Intel) Gen 3 configurations:

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