Suunto smartwatches preview – a wide variety of smartwatches, featuring elegant designs and useful features


The smartwatch market is continuing to grow very quickly nad various manufacturers create interesting offerings, some of which impress with their design, others with their capabilities and build quality. One company has caught our attention with its large variety of smartwatch devices and so we decided to do a quick preview on some.

Suunto M2

The devices from the Suunto M2 series are budget-oriented. There are three models each featuring different colors and straps – Black, Black-Lime and Fuchsia. In M2’s package, you will also receive a heart rate belt that measures your burned calories based on your heart rate. According to the manufacturer, its battery life should be around 12 months and the battery can be easily replaced when needed. The smartwatch is also waterproof and capable of surviving in depths up to 30 meters.


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Suunto M5

M5 is also available in three options – Black, Black-Lime and All Black. Devices are waterproof and have the ability to measure burned calories and heart rate. You will find a manual to properly setup the smartwatch according to your exercise and regime. The watch will also show you detailed statistics about the consumed calories and training guides.


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Suunto Ambit3

This lineup has the widest variety of models – approximately 15. They differ from one another with colors, design and accessories included in the package. The price range is also pretty wide with some devices costing around $200, while others go up to $700. We can separate the models in three groups: Run – where we find some of the lowest price devices, Sport – with the widest variety of devices and Peak. Each of these watches can be found with an additional heart rate monitor in the package. A typical feature of the Ambit3 smartwatches is the integrated GPS module that helps you measure your speed, tempo, distance, etc. There are a lot of Suunto apps available as well. The watches can be paired with both iPhone and Android smartphones.


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Suunto Core

Suunto Core features the 2nd largest variety of models – 7. Watches again differ with color, straps and housing (there is an aluminum option here). Interestingly, some models boast barometer, altimeter, and e-compass. You can also take advantage of various weather features as well as incoming storm alerts for severe weather. The devices can detect sunrise and sunset as well as depth when diving.


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Suunto Traverse

The Suunto Traverse represents the high-end models and for now only four models are available – white, black, amber and graphite. The Traverse lineup combines the specs of Ambit and Core – GPS tracker, Bluetooth connection to your smartphones and various weather-related features. It is waterproof at up to 100 meters and it has a Li-on battery enough for 14 days of battery life.



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Suunto Ambit2

Ambit2 is sort of an improved version of the Ambit3 lineup that features not only a built-in GPS, but a wide variety of modes and statistics useful for the sporty users. We also see some of Suunto Traverse’s sensors like altimeter, barometer, and e-compass.


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Suunto Elementum

At the top of the food chain lies the Elementum series that consists of only one model. The most notable feature is its stainless steel housing and sapphire crystal glass, making it incredibly durable. And a nifty 3D compass will guide your way into the wild.


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