The HP EliteBook 850 G4 uses “aggressive” PWM but there’s more

One of the main drawbacks of the HP EliteBook 850 G4 is the TN screen by default. If you want to go for the IPS option, you will have to pay extra adding more to the already high price.

Anyway, except the lackluster screen quality, our equipment also detected PWM from below 100 cd/m2, or in other words – 30% brightness. This means that the screen is safe to use in most cases unless you are working in a pitch-black room, which will require a lower than 30% brightness. In any case, we don’t recommend going below the 30% mark because the frequency of the emitted light is really low (200 Hz) and can be considered as “aggressive”. The negative effects can be felt even by users who don’t have problems with sensitive eyes.

If you happen to show interest in the laptop, you can find it here:

We also suggest looking into our PWM ranking to browse for similar or better PWM ratings on laptops and also consider our Health-Guard profile, which will reduce the negative blue light emissions while preserving color accuracy as much as possible.

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