To all of our readers – This is what’s going down at LaptopMedia in 2016

This is not just a “Thank you” note for being with us, but also a quick glimpse of how we’ve been doing lately and where we want to go, as far as you, our audience, are concerned.

As you may know, we started this project in the beginning of 2015, basing it all on the experience we got in our Bulgarian-language ventures. The growing number of visitors originating from Google Translate convinced us that our efforts should be shared worldwide, and, recognizing the risk of losing a large part of our Bulgarian readers, we set our sights on this international outlet aimed at being of help to users from all around the world.

You have proved to us that it was worth coming to terms with the risk and taking this difficult step. Thanks to your loyalty and trust in us, we grew quite a bit, and now we have the chance to improve our laboratory and conduct even more interesting and useful tests for the sake of objectivity and lack of bias, which, we hope will help more and more users make the right decisions.

Speaking of development and improvement, we have a lot of ideas just waiting to be implemented at LaptopMedia. We have already scheduled our goals for 2016 but we won’t be raising the curtains just yet. However, we can reveal that most of our efforts will be aimed at delving deeper into the health impact of today’s technology, as well as developing easy and useful way of comparing devices. Of course, we are also working on more exciting projects and your support will be the key to making all of them a reality.

Thank you, Happy New Year, and may you have the energy and success for a brighter tomorrow!

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7 years ago

That is awesome LaptopMedia

Petko Delchev
Petko Delchev
7 years ago

You are doing great job!