PWM results for Dell Vostro 5480 – no screen flickering across all brightness levels

dell_vostro_5480_1_bigDell Vostro 5480 is a new thin-and light addition to the US manufacturer’s small business oriented Vostro series. It comes equipped with a 14-inch HD (1366 x 768) screen with a choice between touch and non-touch panels. While the full review is coming along we like to give some sneak peeks into different aspects of the notebook.

One of the main tests we do is to look for PWM. Pulse-width modulation is a technique screen manufacturers use to regulate brightness by turning off and on the backlight with a frequency indistinguishable by the human eye, instead of lowering the intensity of the light. It is cheap and effective, but it can lead to eye strain, impaired vision and headaches due to the pulsating light. You can read more about what PWM is in our dedicated article.

Fortunately the screen of Dell Vostro 5480 does not emit pulse-width modulated light for all brightness levels, which is a very good news. This means that you can use the notebook for long hours without having to worry too much about eye strain or headaches from screen flickering.


While you are waiting for the full review, you can also take a look at our first impressions of the notebook!

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