22-minutes of 4K WWI gameplay in Battlefield 1 (video)

52740_9_watch-22-minutes-battlefield-1-64-player-chaos-4k-60fps_fullA few days ago we shared with you a news about one of the most important moments from the E3 event – the first Battlefield 1 gameplay video, to be more precise. After the title was officially announced on May 6th, EA promised to release a real gameplay video not long after that. Well, this happened at the emblematic E3 event. Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Tyrese Gibson, DeMarcus Cousins, Zac Efron, Terry Crews and many others were involved in the epic atmosphere of WWI, and we remained more than satisfied with the way the game had been developed.

We expected to see many recordings of the presented gameplay, and a YouTube user named “jackfrags” has uploaded not some mediocre video but entire 22 minutes of epic atmosphere with 4K resolution. It contains everything we managed to see at the event – tanks, airplanes and a great number of weapons such as snipers, machine guns and others. You can have a look at all this in the video below. The game is to be officially released on October 21st 2016, and EA promised a beta version but we are still unsure about the date when it will become available.

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