Acer and Starbreeze partner in the development of a 4K VR headset

Everyone has heard about Acer. The Taiwanese comapny produces everything needed in the IT sphere – monitors, laptops, desktop computers, projectors, etc. Today we would like to discuss a new step taken by Acer in partnership with a European gaming company named Starbreeze. If the name does not ring any bells, the following titles certainly will – Payday 2, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Namely these are the games made by the Swedish developers.

The two companies have agreed to work in close cooperation and we already have a name for the company that will develop the StarVR headset – it is Acer Starbreeze Corporation, and its intial budget is 25 million USD. Bo Andersson Klint, CEO of the Swedish company, stated that they had a reason to choose Acer. The popularity and great design, which is to be found mostly in Acer’s gaming products, make Bo believe that Acer Starbreeze Corporation has all it takes to produce quality products with appealing design. Furthermore, Mr Klint is convinced that their partnership with Acer will make the VR headset available on more markets.


The Corporation shared that the VR headset will not be solely gaming oriented. They are expected to be used in better cinemas, and in aviation and driving training. How will this happen? The new glasses will support 4K resolution and 210° viewing angle. The mass production is expected to start in 2017 and toward the end of 2016 we may see the first testing samples of this product. However, to completely enjoy VR you need powerful hardware. It will be a good idea to browse through the currently available gaming computers here:

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