Acer Aspire R13 uses the same IGZO screen technology as the Aspire S7 and thus, inherits great screen properties

Acer-Aspire-R131We were very pleased with the screen quality presented in the Aspire S7 and it turns out that the Aspire R13 uses the very same panel manufactured by Sharp with a model number of LQ133T1JW02. That being said, results will not differ much from the initial ones, unless some additional calibration and tuning was done.

However, the panel covers 96% of the sRGB and 74% of the Adobe RGB color gamut and has a high contrast ratio of 1100:1. The maximum brightness is 342 cd/m2 – enough even for outdoor work under direct sunlight, but the color temperature was a little out of the normal range – 7180K and for the record the optimal one is 6500K (D65). So images appear a little colder than they should. Despite the little drawback, the screen brings WQHD (2560×1440) resolution to the table and no worries about looking at the screen for long periods of time, because our PWM tests show that it’s user-friendly. Screen flickering was recorded only from 0 to 22% brightness and even then the frequency of the emitted light was higher than usual, which is even better. You can see the results on the graph below.

PWM-Acer Aspire R13

We are currently working on the full review and soon we are going to publish it along with all detailed tests we’ve conducted.

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