Acer Aspire Switch 12 S has super-bright screen but lacks half of the sRGB colors

acer-switch-12-s-sw7-272-win10-straight-forward-disconnected-100635621-primary.idgeWe had the chance to test out the Acer Aspire Switch 12 S’s screen for the upcoming review and we had some really interesting results coming in from our lab. The properties appear to be okay for a mid-range notebook but the overall screen quality isn’t exactly perfect for multimedia.

The tablet isn’t out yet, but you can regularly check here when it pops out:

For instance, the covered sRGB gamut is just 54% so half of the web-based colors will be missing but, on the other hand, the panel offers exceptionally high maximum brightness of 441 cd/m2, which is essential for a hybrid device like this one because using it outdoors under direct sunlight is plausible. Moreover, the recorded contrast ratio is 1020:1 and it’s just what we’ve expected from an IPS panel while the native color temperature aligns almost perfectly with the optimal one of 6500K. Apparently, the only thing missing here is the wider sRGB gamut, otherwise, the presented IPS panel here is excellent.



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