AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700 leaked benchmarks – overall amazing multithreaded performance

So it was a few days back that the new Ryzen processors launched and everyone was impressed by both their performance and price – actually performance for the price. By what we saw at the event the Ryzen processors were on par and in some cases even considerably better than their Intel competitors with double the price.

Now some new benchmarks have surfaced. We see the three models tested in both multithreaded and single-threaded tests with Cinebench R15, Cinebench R11.5 and Geekbench 3.

Cinebench R15

Let us start with the Cinebench R15 results. As you can see in the single-threaded test both 1800X and 1700X do better than the Intel Core i7-6900K which has double the price of the 1800X. The third Ryzen model (1700) falls short compared to the 6900K but the difference is minimal. However, we should note that the 1700 costs three times less.

Then there are the multithreaded results. They are quite similar but this time both 1700X and 1700 score less than the 6900K although the difference is not big.

Cinebench R11.5

Now let’s take a look at the Cinebench R11.5 results. This time Core i7-7700K. In the single-threaded test, all three models score less than the 7700K which is a bit of a let down especially when we take in mind that they are similarly priced but things take a turn when in comes to multithreaded performance. There the Ryzen models blow the 7700K away which is normal when you come to think of it – Ryzen processors have more cores/threads.

Geekbench 3

Finally, we will look at Geekbench 3 results. In the single-threaded test, all three models score similar to the 6900K with only the 1700 falling behind (but not with much) while the 1800X having a more notable advantage. They can’t compete with the 7700K though.

Again things change drastically when we move to the multithreaded test. There 7700K is left far behind while the 6900K beats the 1700 but still falls short of 1700X and the flagship 1800X.

If we have to make some sort of a verdict we could say that overall Intel CPUs have a better single-threaded performance but can’t compete with Ryzen due to the fact that they have fewer cores/threads. Translating this to real-life performance it means that multithreaded processes will run significantly better on the AMD chips which in our opinion is important. In addition,  Ryzen processors are a lot cheaper which makes up for the lower performance is some single-threaded test. And finally, we should note that synthetic benchmarks do not always represent real performance correctly.

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