Apple’s M4 Chip Takes the Crown: Fastest Consumer CPU for Single-Core Performance!

Apple might be slow with bringing innovative tech to its iPhones, but damn are they wizards when it comes to their M-series SoCs. The most recent addition, the Apple M4, ups the core count to 10. Yay, the more cores, the better. However, the new architecture that’s available has done some wonders too, increasing the overall performance by around 20% when compared to last year’s M3.

Now you’d say that it’s whatever and that the M4 is probably not even close to a desktop CPU. Well, check again, because we ran the numbers, and the results are sensational.

Putting a quick comparison between the new M4 SoC’s 10-core CPU and a Core i9-14900KF, a 24-core absolute beast that both draws more power and requires much more cooling (it’s also impossible to implement in a laptop unless XMG has something to say about it) we see that the M4 outshines it by 17% as far as single-core performance is concerned.

CPUGeekbench 6 Single
Apple M43810 (+17%)
Intel Core i9-14900KF3243

While waiting for M4-based Apple products to drop, check out the current M3-based offerings, which are still as smooth as butter. And of course, take a look at our Top Laptop CPU Ranking, where the M4’s still missing but we’ll add it as soon as we get our hands on it.

Shoutout to @VadimYuryev for the heads up!

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