5 Hidden Treasures in Dell XPS 13 9340

When picking a laptop, most people often look at the specs and don’t do any more research. There’s a lot that the specs sheet doesn’t tell you about a laptop. Today we’re here to spill the secrets that the Dell XPS 13 9340 hides from you. We found all of them out after the laptop had a lengthy stay in our lab.

Looking at the specs, you see a small Intel-powered laptop. After getting up close and personal with it tho, we see a fantastic MacBook Air alternative, which means the XPS 13 can handle any type of office work, as well as go beyond, thanks to its active cooling and great display. If you’re a photographer who needs a small editing station to run Photoshop or Affinity, look no further than the XPS 13, due to reasons that we’ll share now.

Dell XPS 13 9340: In-depth Review / Full Specs

#1 Built To Withstand Anything

High-end laptops often brag about their premium materials for a reason: to justify higher prices and to advertise their durability. But with the Dell XPS 13 9340, the bragging is justified. We say this because the laptop has a CNC-machined aluminum chassis. CNC-machining is a process that takes a block of metal and shapes it to a desired form, in this case, a laptop chassis.

The result? A laptop that’s lighter than a MacBook Air at just 2.6 lbs (1.19 kg) yet quite strong. We tried our best in our flex test, but the chassis remained largely unfazed. For extra structural support, you get bolstering by Gorilla Glass 3 that protects the screen, while the base touchpad and F-key areas are covered in glass too.

#2 Long Lasting Battery

Battery life is a concern with every laptop, as all manufacturers tend to implement different power management features, which means that not all 55Wh battery packs perform the same, even if the CPU, CPU, and Display are the same. The Dell XPS 13’s 55Wh battery lasts for 16 hours and 40 minutes of web browsing and 20 hours of video playback, so you can use it for a whole day without needing a charger (just in case tho, the 60W power adapter is super small and easy to carry around).

For every test like this, we use the same video in HD.

In order to simulate real-life conditions, we used our own script for automatic web browsing through over 70 websites.

#3 Display for Professionals – 1.5 dE

For all the photographers who travel around the world and need a portable device that can handle color work – the display on the XPS 13 is primed and ready for you. The 13.4-inch 16:10 Full HD+ IPS panel has a 120Hz refresh rate, which means a super smooth user experience all around.

The screen reaches 434 nits of peak brightness as well as a high contrast ratio of 1750:1, so the screen is bright and visible even if you’re working in the sunny outdoors.

The whole “sail-shaped” map below consists of all the colors we can see, while the black crooked line shows all the colors from real-world scenes and nature around us.

Then, we’ve drawn some of the most important and interesting color spaces, compared to the colors the panel of the Dell XPS 13 9340 can show:

Standard/For Web: sRGB – widely used color space for most consumer devices, ideal for Web design and development
For Print: AdobeRGB – used in professional photo editing, graphic design, and print
For Photographers/Video Editors: DCI-P3 – used in high-end film production, post-production, and digital cinema
Premium HDR: Rec.2020 – the widest consumer ITU color standard, covering a massive 75.8% of the visible spectrum, a benchmark for premium HDR content

Dell XPS 13 9340: the yellow dashed triangle (– – – – – –) represents the range of colors this monitor can display.

The panel shows 92% of the sRGB color gamut coverage, while our Web Design and Office Work profile improves the color accuracy by 2.5 times with a dE value of 1.5. dE (delta E) is the distance between the colors that you see on the display and the real colors. The lower the dE value, the better.

Below you can compare the scores of the Dell XPS 13 9340 with the default settings („Color Profiles – Internet“ in the “MyDell” app) and with the “Web Design and Office Work” profile (right).

Buy our profiles

Since our profiles are tailored for each individual display model, this article and its respective profile package are meant for Dell XPS 13 9340 configuration with 13.4″ Sharp KJFGR-LQ134N1 (1920×1200) IPS.

*Should you have problems with downloading the purchased file, try using a different browser to open the link you’ll receive via e-mail. If the download target is a .php file instead of an archive, change the file extension to .zip or contact us at [email protected].

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Office Work

Office Work should be used mostly by users who spend most of the time looking at pieces of text, tables or just surfing. This profile aims to deliver better distinctness and clarity by keeping a flat gamma curve (2.20), native color temperature and perceptually accurate colors.

Design and Gaming

This profile is aimed at designers who work with colors professionally, and for games and movies as well. Design and Gaming takes display panels to their limits, making them as accurate as possible in the sRGB IEC61966-2-1 standard for Web and HDTV, at white point D65.


Health-Guard eliminates the harmful Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and reduces the negative Blue Light which affects our eyes and body. Since it’s custom tailored for every panel, it manages to keep the colors perceptually accurate. Health-Guard simulates paper so the pressure on the eyes is greatly reduced.

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#4 An Invisible Touchpad

The XPS 13 9340 comes with a unique touchpad that blends seamlessly with the surrounding glass palm rest. This minimalist design eliminates the traditional touchpad borders, creating a sleek and modern look. While locating the touchpad does require some getting used to, its got a decent surface area (112 mm x 64 mm) for navigation. The smooth glass surface offers tons of responsiveness, allowing for precise control as you navigate the operating system. In place of physical buttons, the touchpad utilizes haptic feedback – it’s got a small motor on the inside that simulates clicks for a more traditional feel.

#5 Surprisingly Upgradeable

Not a lot of small laptops can boast to have upgradeable storage (insert any random MacBook here). The XPS 13 9340 features a single M.2 slot, but it’s a future-proof PCIe Gen 4 slot. This means you can equip it with the latest, blazing-fast SSDs, ensuring your storage doesn’t become a bottleneck for years to come. As for which SSD to pick, we have a Top M.2 SSDs Performance Rankings, which features a lot of drives, including pricing and performance tests.

All Dell XPS 13 9340 configurations:

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