Battery Life – Lenovo P70 detailed endurance tests (just hours before the full review)

lenovo-p70-battery-lifeDespite the reception and call quality problems of some of the released Lenovo P70 units (we’ve got some great news about that), the model is one of the most lucrative smartphones on the market. Most responsible for the success are the 8-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and the 13MP back camera, but without any doubt, the greatest feature is the capacity of the battery, which is 4000 mAh.

With an OS like Android 4.4 KitKat and some good UI optimizations, Lenovo had the opportunity to achieve outstanding battery life results, and now we’ll reveal how some of our tests went.

We run our trials with display brightness of 120 cd/m2, turned on Wi-Fi and turned off 3G.

Talk Time is first in line, and we expect outstanding results, given the fact that the 5-inch display is turned off by the proximity sensor. P70 easily met our expectations, providing us with 1950 minutes (32 hours and 30 minutes) of talk time.

We run a custom-made web browsing script on the phone, which automatically surfs in popular sites. Lenovo P70 lasts for about 681 minutes – 11 hours and 21 minutes. The same test, but using the 3G cellular network, instead of the Wi-Fi one, got us 609 mins – 10 hours and 9 minutes.

The hardest test is 3D gaming, where we use the Epic Citadel app in order to simulate gaming. Lenovo P70’s battery life in this scenario is 357 minutes (5 hours and 57 minutes), which is great, considering that the SoC is tasked quite a bit.

Our last test is video playback, in which we use a 720p HD movie. The battery endurance here is 718 minutes – 11 hours and 58 minutes.

This is just a quick glimpse of our detailed review, which will be published very soon, so stay tuned!

Update: You can read the full review here:

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8 years ago

guys lenovo 4000mah battery is the worst dont buy you will suffer once you buy.

7 years ago

Lenovo worst battery drained fast !!! it does not like the advertised !!!

Sarang Bhosale
7 years ago

Lenovo P70 battery dry very fast I dry my batter from 30% to 1% in 3 minutes.

7 years ago

Hi, I bought a Lenovo p70 from Dubai airport. Only 6 months later I cannot switch it on. 4000mah battery. Any suggestions please.

7 years ago
Reply to  Mohammed

try to start it on power supply

7 years ago

10% battery draining every hour only listening to music

5 years ago

I bought this P70 on February, 2017. Still working like a gem!