Get three paid apps for free on iOS only this weekend

We have some great news for you iOS users out there. This weekend only you can download three awesome applications for free. This will save you about $7. Two of the apps are games and the other one brings some neat features to your iPhone or iPad.

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The first app is the utility app Magic Launcher Pro which regularly costs $2.99. This weekend you can get an app that quickly lets you access all of your apps and even some of their specific features trough the Notification Center for free. This makes using your device even easier and faster. You just swipe down to bring the Notification Center and you can quickly call or text someone, open an app, change settings etc.

You can download Magic Launcher Pro from here.

Next up is the puzzle detective/investigation game PINE GROVE. In this game, you play as John a psychic detective who similarly to the protagonist of the famous TV series Medium can witness the crime seen after reading the evidence. Your main goal is to find your missing brother Patrick trough solving a series of cases. The game’s regular price is $1.99.

You can download PINE GROVE from here.

And lastly, the second game is sure to glue you to the screen for long. Pinball Breaker Forever is a hybrid between the two classics Breakout and Pinball. With its classic game mechanics, cool sound effects, bright colors and numerous power-ups and mini-games Pinball Breaker Forever will most certainly bring you back to the flashy era of the 80’s and Atari video games. An awesome time-waster which you can normally get for $1.99.

You can download Pinball Breaker Forever from here.

Meanwhile, you can check all available iPhones here and all iPads over here.

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