Hacker successfully installs Doom on a printer

printHave you ever thought that you could play games on your printer? Not the sort of thought that would normally cross one’s mind, but it seems as though a Mr. Michael Jordan (no, not that one) has managed to successfully run Doom on his printer, showing how you can easily hack Canon’s machines.

Just like most modern printers, Canon Pixma can be accessed through the Web to check its status. But Mr. Jordan has found a serious flaw here – Pixma doesn’t require a username and password for its interface so it can be easily manipulated by hackers.

Michael Jordan wrote his own control panel for the printer and it turned out that the 32-bit machine, powered by an ARM processor and 10MB RAM, was powerful enough to run the 1993 Doom game.

The screenshot demonstrates that the colors are inverted – one of the problems that Jordan stumbled upon. We can’t look forward to fixes in version 2.0, however, as Canon has already announced that the issue will be corrected..


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