Here’s a list with all AMD Ryzen CPUs (+ specs), the 8-core R7 1800X is the flagship

It seems that every single day brings new information about the highly anticipated AMD Ryzen processors. You can check out coverage on the topic over here. It was yesterday that we learned that the new CPUs will support the older Windows 7 but today we have a rather more interesting information.

Apparently, a Chinese tech news website called Coolaler have listed the complete lineup of Ryzen processors with their specs too. Now we can not confirm the validity of this information as Coolaler has not stated its sources. However, this piece of information looks considerably trustworthy. Here is the spec sheet:

 ProcessorCoresThreadsBase Clock
AMD R7 1800X8163.0 – 3.6 GHz
AMD R7 Pro 18008163.0 – 3.6 GHz
AMD R7 1700X8163.0 – 3.6 GHz
AMD R7 17008163.0 – 3.6 GHz
AMD R7 Pro 17008163.0 – 3.6 GHz
AMD R5 1600X6123.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 Pro 16006123.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 15006123.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 Pro 15006123.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 1400X483.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 Pro 1400483.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 1300483.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R5 Pro 1300483.2 – 3.5 GHz
AMD R3 1200X443.1 – 3.4 GHz
AMD R3 Pro 1200443.1 – 3.4 GHz
AMD R3 1100443.1 – 3.4 GHz
AMD R3 Pro 1100443.1 – 3.4 GHz

As you can see, there are three series – the R3, R5, and R7 which are probably the low-end, mid-range and high-end models respectively and resemble the Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. The R7 1800X appears to be the flagship that we already have some information about. It’s an 8-core processor with 16 threads and a base clock between 3.0 to 3.6GHz (which matches previous information about a 3.4GHz base clock). In the table, there are also listed 4-core and 6-core models which confirm some older leaks.

The new Ryzen processors are expected to be launched in early March.

Meanwhile, you can check all available AMD products here:

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