Firmware reveals new details about iPhone 8 – [email protected] video recording, ModernHDR, new biometric options

The iOS developer Guilherme Rambo revealed new strings in the HomePod Apple firmware which may hint at new features in the upcoming iPhone 8 hardware.

This time we are talking about camera improvements. It is believed to be capable of supporting 240 fps Full HD video recording which will significantly enhance the quality. In comparison, the current iPhone 7 is also able to capture videos at 240 fps but it’s limited to just 720p resolution.

However, this is not the only new string Rambo unearthed from the HomePod firmware. There is evidence in the code that the new smartphone of the American company may support multi biometric options. Rumor has it that the Touch ID sensor will be replaced for a new Face ID one which is a face recognition technology.

Lastly, another string indicates enhanced HDR photo capture. Labeled ModernHDR, it may come to future flagship models. This could possibly be aimed at displays that support modern HDR properties, such as current 4K televisions or the fifth-generation Apple TV.

Of course, only because these strings are found in the HomePod firmware this doesn’t automatically mean that these features will be included in the new iPhone’s hardware but it’s very likely that we will come across most of them.

In the meantime you can check all available Apple products here.





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