It seems like the new Samsung Galaxy S7’s liquid-cooled solution keeps things frosty

Now that we’ve checked what the Exynos 8890 SoC (found in Samsung’s new flagship smartphones – Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge) has to offer in terms of performance, it is time to see how it affects the temperatures of the devices during heavy load for extended periods of time. For the purposes of our test we simulated 3D gaming, using the Epic Citadel app for about two hours.

After that, we measured the temperatures on the back of Samsung Galaxy S7 in three areas. The hottest part of the phone was in the center with 32.5 °C – one of the lowest temperatures we’ve ever defined as “hottest spot”. The heat around the camera was slightly lower – 32.3 °C while the bottom reached only 31.1 °C. Obviously, despite being extremely powerful, Exynos 8890 doesn’t, by any means, cause any overheating issues.

You can check for information about the price and availability of Samsung Galaxy S7 at the following link:


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