Lenovo unveils 5 new innovative AI products

One of the world’s leading PC and laptop manufacturers, Lenovo, has decided to expand its business significantly by investing $ 1.2 billion to develop an intelligent technology future over the next four years. This was also the highlight of the Lenovo Tech World conference in Shanghai that was held yesterday.

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The Chinese electronics giant unveiled its concept for five new innovative products. Here they are:

DaystAR is an optical display with an independent vision processing unit, free-form glass and a 40-degree field of view. The device can be used by the developers for creating various specialized applications through the Lenovo AR platform. Users don’t need a PC or phone in order to scan, upload, and edit 3D content thanks to services such as Cloud Object Recognition, Remote Assistance, Multiplayer Interaction, and 3D Content Manager.

Let’s move on to the next innovation, called SmartVest, a medical garment designed to facilitate cardiovascular monitoring. The ECG signals are being recorded 24/7 so that the system is able to identify abnormalities and send a warning message. This development is extremely useful, especially for athletes.

Next is the Xiaole platform for a 24-hour personalized service that improves itself based on customer interactions. It helps users if they encounter problems with their devices.

Additionally, Lenovo unveiled the so-called SmartCast+ – a smart speaker that recognizes sounds and objects. Not only does it deliver AR experiences, but it also makes the learning process easier – if you are listening to a dialogue, it projects images and subtitles in the particular language on the screen.

And last but not least – CAVA, an AI assistant which with the help of facial recognition systems and natural language technologies makes it easier for users to manage their calendars, and also makes assumptions such as when to leave work based on upcoming information.

Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, is convinced that the future lies in artificial intelligence – according to him, this is the next step towards a technological revolution. The company keeps investing in AI products in order to make this future reality as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you can check all available Lenovo products here: http://amzn.to/2ugZmEA


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