LG Spirit (H440) stayed relatively cold after some hours 3D gaming

We are pretty sure that you don’t like to feel a heat when you play games on your phone, or do other intensive tasks. The phone is not supposed to be a stove top.

We measure the back cover temperatures on every device we test, but before that we run a 3D game for several hours – exactly what we did with LG Spirit (H440). You can see how warm the device is in three different areas. We measured the highest temperature in the camera area (just 37.4 C), but this is normal because the processor is placed there. Nothing disturbing. In the middle, we measured 33.8 C, and in the speaker area the temperature was 32.6, so don’t worry about the heat, you can do everything with LG Spirit (H440) without any temperature problems.

You can read more information about the phone’s capabilities in our upcoming detailed review.


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