New Intel Core i5-8269U – Coffee Lake-U chip spotted

A new processor from Intel has surfaced on SiSoftware’s SANDRA – the Core i5-8269U. It is another ULV chip very similar to the Core i5-8250U but this time it is under the Coffee Lake-U branding instead of Kaby Lake Refresh.

The new Coffee Lake-U Core i5-8269U is based on the 14nm++ architecture. So far most information about the upcoming 10nm Cannonlake CPUs is rumors. You can check out Core i5-8269U’s specs over here:

The new Core i5-8269U is quite similar to the Core i5-8250U as we said. It is based on the same architecture, it features 6MB of L3 cache, it has a quad-core configuration with Hyper-Threading. However, the new Core i5-8269U has a much higher base clock than the Core i5-8250U. It ticks at 2.60GHz compared to just 1.60GHz. There is no information about the boost speeds but considering that the Core i5-8250U reaches 3.40GHz we can expect at least as much.

There is also no information regarding the TDP listed but a ULV chip should be rated at 15W. As for the integrated GPU, we’re expecting the well-known UHD Graphics 620 found in the Kaby Lake Refresh chips.

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