New Mafia III trailer reveals some of the plot of this long-awaited game

Like we said in our previous news about Quake Champions, E3 is now in its full swing and two of the biggest companies – EA and Bethesda – revealed what titles they are working on at the moment. Besides them, however, another company named 2K, responsible for the creation of the long-awaited Mafia II (we waited for 7 years for the sequel to the first part), released an interesting video closely related to the next piece of the “Mafia” puzzle – Mafia III. Even though this gangster game was announced in 2015 at Gamescom, the new trailer includes the developers’ comments explaining some parts of the game.


Mafia III is to be officially released on October 7, and for the moment we knowa ew details – Vito, who was the main character in Mafia II, will be a team member in the squad lead by the new “criminal” Lincoln Clay. Additionally, the atmosphere will remind gamers of the 1970s and all the events will take place in a virtual version of New Orleans. Also, in the video below you can see how developers have ensured a wide variety of options for the different missions and a quick look at the graphics. We can only say that we think this game has inherited some features from GTA and Hitman/Assassin’s Creed, and we can’t wait to see how they will influence the gangster title.

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