New Windows 10 test build features support for for mixed reality devices

Nowadays technologies like virtual reality are gaining more and more popularity in the PC market as well as in the smartphone segment. One of these technologies which seems futuristic but will definitely become common in a few years is the so-called “mixed reality “. As the name suggests, it combines virtual reality with the world that surrounds us. Latest news from Microsoft claim that the newest build of Windows 10 supports devices for mixed reality. Of course, to gain access to it you have to be a member of the Windows 10 Insider program.

To witness the simulation that Microsoft has added, you will have to enable the “Developers Mode” of Windows 10 to gain access to the portal for the mixed reality where the video is. You will also need a special device like the HoloLens to enjoy the new feature. The application for mixed reality is called “Windows Mixed Reality”.

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