NVIDIA released a new driver update 364.51 WHQL – fixed some issues with installing

nvidia A couple of days ago AMD announced their new game ready drivers for the new Hitman, which was released on the 11th of March. The new drivers not only improve the overall gameplay but also fix a couple of bugs that were present in the last version. You may find this hard to believe, but NVIDIA also had a couple of issues with their drivers.

This is the reason why the company released a new software update. There was a large amount of user complaints about a critical issue, which didn’t allow 364.47 WHQL to be installed on some PCs (crashes the system with a BSOD/TDR error during “express” install). As a result, the American company completely removed the drivers from their web page and released the 364.51 WHQL instead. As before, this is a game ready driver and it should be able to support not only the new Hitman game but also the new addition from EA, Need For Speed, which will be available for PCs in a couple of days. We’ll keep you updated if NVIDIA releases a new driver for NFS, but for now, you can download the latest drivers at the following link: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx

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