Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ passed our battery tests with pretty good readings

ZDABGL-(1)Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is still being tested in our lab and we like the results so far, but this short article, we’ll be talking about the device’s 3000 mAh battery. In our Wi-Fi web surfing test, the S6 edge+ managed to survive for 676 minutes (11 hours and 16 minutes), which is a pretty good result. But even more impressive was its score in the video playback test, where the phone hit 896 minutes (14 hours and 56 minutes). The result in our heaviest battery test – 3D gaming, is considerably lower than the other two, but it’s normal due to the more demanding nature of the game – 282 minutes (4 hours and 42 minutes). You can expect more information about the battery performance as well as other tests and comparisons to competitor models in our full in-depth review.

However, considering the big 5.7-inch screen with 1440 x 2560 resolution and the powerful SoC on board, we can consider these results as more than satisfying. On top of that, knowing that the Ultra Power Saving mode is here to aid prolong the battery life is pretty reassuring that you won’t run out of juice when you most need it.

You can check the availability and price of the device at the following link:

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