Here is how fast the new Intel Optane SSD is – to be released by the end of 2016

02-620x349A year ago, at the IDF 2016 event, Intel announced a device that featured storage twice as fast as that of SSDs that had been released on the market by that time. Its name is Intel Optane and, according to the manufacturer, it will be available on the market by the end of this year. For now, there is no official info or specs about this product but the company presented how fast the new technology 3D XPoint actually is. Apart from that, the controller itself was photographed and the only thing we can confirm is that the device is connected to a host thanks to four lanes.

During the test that was actually a 7-second video rendering, Intel 750 Series SSD managed for 35 hours, whereas Intel Optane – only for 10 hours. At the time of the rendering, the CPU had been idle for only  20% of the time, and its effectiveness decreased during the test of the first SSD model – 70% of the time the chip had been ineffective. These results confirm that the new technology is much faster, allowing us to transfer data for much shorter periods of time. Nonetheless, because it is yet to be released on the market, its price is much higher than that of the NAND storage found in SSDs. This is the reason why most probably the first to purchase Intel Optane will be big companies that are in need of ultra-fast storage. The screenshot below displays the results of the two models in the PCMark Vantage benchmark.

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