The HP Spectre x360 13 uses the same panel as the Spectre 13 – means good PWM rating

It appears that the HP Spectre x360 13 IPS panel matches the one in the normal Spectre 13 and the Acer Swift 7. The panel is made by CHI MEI and the model number is CMN1367.

This means that most of the properties are nearly identical and luckily, the same goes for the PWM. Our testing equipment was able to detect screen flickering from 85 cd/m2 and lower. The other two units that we’ve tested, however, use PWM below 95 cd/m2 but that’s a fairly insignificant difference in practice.

But even if you go below 85 cd/m2 for some reason, the frequency of the emitted light is 25 kHz (really high) so it might not affect your eyes at all. Still, we suggest looking into our Health-Guard profile, which eliminates blue light emissions while keeping colors as accurate as possible. In addition, you can browse for notebooks with similar PWM rating here.

You can find the available configurations and their prices here:

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