The Motorola event will start 2.5 hours earlier in India (10:30 GMT, 06:30 ET). We’re going to broadcast it live!

Although Moto G is not the flagship series of Motorola, the models introduced in 2013 and 2014 became a hit on the market. That’s why millions of users from all around the world are eagerly awaiting the official introduction of the new model – Moto G3. As you probably know, today is the big day. As it turned out the events in New York, Sao Paulo and London will start a while after the one in India, so we’re going to be live streaming the latter. There is still less than an hour before we get going (10.30 GMT, 06:30 ET), so you have enough time to sit back comfortably and watch it.

You can check the time zone of your current location here

After the official release, you can expect our in-depth review of the model. We’ll introduce you to its capabilities in detail, so that every Moto G fan can be satisfied by learning everything there is to know about the new smartphone on the day it’s been announced.

Follow the whole event live here.

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