This is what a GeForce GTX 1060 Founder’s Edition looks like without its cooler (+ photos)

Yesterday we shared with you that NVIDIA announced its new GeForce GTX 1060 GPU. Now that they’ve announced a starting price of $249 for non-reference models and $299 for reference versions, we would like to show you how the Founder’s Edition GPU looks like without a cooler.


It is shorter when compared to its bigger brothers – GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. Despite this, the entire length of this GPU is 25 cm – 2 cm shorter than GTX 1080. In the first photo we can see that there is no power connector. It is actually placed on the back of the Founder’s Edition cooler and is 6-pin. NVIDIA have used this design because the GPU itself is shorter than the reference cooler. This would lead to the connector being placed in the middle of Founder’s Edition where you can normally find the glowing GEFORCE GTX logo.


GeForce GTX 1060 offers a 3+1 phase VRM and maximum power consumption of 120 Watts. The core is surrounded by six 8Gb GDDR5 memories which makes a total of 6 GB own memory. Additionally, the bus is 192-bit and the last thing that catches our attention is SLI. Perhaps you’ve noticed that GeForce GTX 1060 does not feature an SLI interface which means that you you can’t add two similar GPUs to your system. There are three DisplayPorts 1.4, and a DVI and HDMI port so that you may connect to a monitor.

You can browse through all currently available NVIDIA GPUs here:

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