What games can we play on the new ultra-low voltage Braswell processors from Intel


Recently Intel has updated its budget and ultra-low voltage CPUs and we were able to get our hands on the Pentium N3700. They do offer a significant decrease in power consumption as well as a tad better computing performance. The best thing about the new Braswell CPUs, however, is the updated GPU. The new SoCs skipped one generation of GPUs and now they offer the same graphics cores and design we find in the Core M CPUs but with fewer execution units (EU). The Core M has 24 while Braswell CPUs have 16.

You can read all about it in our detailed review on the Intel Pentium N3700. But what about real-life graphics performance? This article is aimed to show you how the GPU handles some of the most popular games which aren’t that demanding. It turns out that you can easily play FIFA 14 and League Of Legends with playable FPS which will satisfy most of the casual gamers. We are fully aware that this CPU isn’t intended for gaming at all, but we ran the tests, because we were… curious. It will not be long before mobile CPUs will handle such games with ease and DirectX 12 will surely help speed up this process as the Braswell generation CPUs support DirectX 12. Enough with the technical talk and let’s get to the interesting part.

Additional information about the CPU can be found here: http://laptopmedia.com/processor/intel-pentium-n3700/

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header games

League of Legends (768p, Low)FIFA 14 (768p, Low)FIFA 14 (768p, Medium)Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (768p, Low)DOTA 2 (768p, Low)
43 fps35 fps20 fps29 fps22 fps
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