Windows 10 update might bring some issues with multi-monitor gaming

It seems that the latest Windows 10 update (build name KB3213986) causes some issues with multi-monitor configurations. You won’t stumble upon any problems while performing daily tasks such as browsing the Internet or checking your mail but if you are a gamer, and let’s face it no one makes a multi-monitor setup just to check their mail, you might have problems.

It looks like that there are problems when running 3D apps on more than one monitor. These problems are labeled as “known issues” in the patch notes so it is most likely to see them fixed in the next update. The notes read:

“Users may experience delayed or clipped screens while running 3D rendering apps (such as games) on systems with more than one monitor. To work around this issue please consider the following options: 1. Running the application in Windows mode (not full screen), or 2. Starting the application with only one monitor connected.”

We hope that Microsoft addresses these issues as fast as possible. Meanwhile, you can try playing your games in borderless windowed mode.

If you are looking for a new monitor you can check the available ones here:

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Mihai Tintea
Mihai Tintea
7 years ago

Wow. It took you that long to find that paragraph in KB3213986 and copy/paste it here as if it was one of your discoveries ! Keep on keeping on !
I might say myself “We hope the water stays wet as usual” and blog it here, too, as a great contribution.
Why am I reading this blog, again ?