How durable is Meizu MX5’s 3150 mAh battery?

bbbIt isn’t a coincidence that Meizu MX5 is one of the most demanded devices for its class in the last couple of weeks. The model boasts good specs, elegant appearance and premium build quality. Among its best features is the 3150 mAh battery. But is it durable enough to provide decent battery life, considering the device’s powerful hardware? We’ve already put it through our tests and you can see the results below.

In our Wi-Fi Web browsing test, Meizu MX5 kept going for 564 minutes. The result from the Video playback test is similar – 547 minutes. Perhaps the most impressive score was the 3D gaming test – the most demanding one. The device stayed on for 315 minutes. Other results from our battery tests, as well as more information about the device and benchmark results, will be available in our upcoming in-depth review.

You can check the availability and price of Meizu MX5 in the following link:

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