This is the most powerful ASUS ROG G502 / GL502 configuration and it costs 2200 EUR (980M + 32GB RAM + SSD)


We found the most powerful ASUS ROG G502 / GL502 configuration in a Czech online store, and as we expected, it costs ~2200 EUR or ~$2500 (59 990 Kč). It’s a big difference (+50%) over the cheapest variant (1500 EUR), but it doubles the RAM to 32GB and it features the top tier GeForce GTX 980M with 8GB GDDR5, instead of 970M. Moreover, it has 512GB PCIe SSD in addition to the 1TB hard drive, and in case you’re now wondering what the thickness of the notebook is – it’s just 23.5 mm.

Although this is the most powerful configuration, it’s not the most expensive one. The so-called “VY-FY024T” version includes a Full HD IPS screen, while ASUS is going to launch a 4K edition whose price is not announced yet. We will place our bet on 2400 EUR / $2750, but we would prefer the FHD panel since it has good pixel density (141 PPI) and it will run almost every game at max settings and native resolution.

You can find G502’s detailed specs, price, configurations and photo gallery HERE, and if you want to check the price and availability in your country, use this link:


Source: Browswave

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When do you expect to release the full review?