Inside Dell Vostro 15 7510 – disassembly and upgrade options

Dell has done a really good job with the Vostro 15 7510. It is not only good on the performance front but offers a very good choice of upgrade options.

Check out all Dell Vostro 15 7510 prices and configurations in our Specs System or read more in our In-Depth review.

1. Remove the bottom plate

To take this laptop apart, you need to undo a total of 9 Phillips-head screws. The two in the top corners are captive, and lift the bottom panel from the base, easing the prying process. After you are done, remove the panel from the chassis.

2. Battery

Here, we see a 56Wh battery pack. It is the smaller of two options. Nevertheless, it lasted us for more than 6 hours of Web browsing, or nearly 7 hours of video playback. If you need to remove the battery, first, unplug the connector from the motherboard. Then, undo all 5 Phillips-head screws. Now, you will be able to lift the unit away from the chassis.

3. Memory and storage

Memory-wise, there are two SODIMM slots. They work in dual-channel mode, and according to Dell, support up to 32GB of RAM in total. Interestingly, you get two M.2 slots for storage upgrades. The one on the left houses 30mm drives, while the other can fit up to 80mm SSDs. Additionally, it supports Gen 4 drives.

4. Cooling system

Looking at the cooling, we see a total of three heat pipes. Two of them are shared between the CPU and the GPU, while the third one is reserved for the graphics card only. It’s impressive to see that they connect to four heat sinks, while two fans blow the heat away from the device.

Check out all Dell Vostro 15 7510 prices and configurations in our Specs System or read more in our In-Depth review.

Dell Vostro 15 7510 in-depth review

Like Lenovo and ASUS showed us, there is no issue in making a business-centric device gaming-capable. Dell is the next manufacturer that enables ray-tracing abilities on such laptops, which in this case is the Vostro 15 7510.We were as surprised we were happy to see that Dell went for Tiger Lake-H45 processors for this device. This leads us to think that it has something interesting going on with the cooling solution. We will learn more about that later in the review.How about the graphics cards? Well, the most powerful option here is the RTX 3050 Ti, which is not exactly the cream of[...]


  • Thin and light outfit
  • Strong aluminum chassis
  • Great speakers
  • 91% of sRGB and accurate color representation with our Gaming and Web design profile (LG 447CX-156WFH (LGD06A6))
  • No PWM (LG 447CX-156WFH (LGD06A6))
  • Thunderbolt 4 + SD card slot
  • Reasonable performance for its class
  • Optional fingerprint reader


  • Toasty externals under extreme load
  • Unsatisfactory battery life (with the 56Wh unit)
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