[Video Review] ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED M7600 – A well rounded package with an everlasting battery

ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (M7600, AMD Ryzen 6000 Series) in-depth review

As you may know, the Vivobook is one of the most populous subbrands on the market. It comes in all kinds of shapes and form-factors. However, one of its most interesting iterations is the Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (M7600).The models, which have an "M" before the final four numbers, come with AMD processors. In our case, the machine is fitted with Ryzen 6000H CPUs, which are among the most powerful options on the market right now.In addition to that, ASUS gives you a 65W NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti graphics card with Studio drivers. Ultimately, this means you can use the device for professional wor[...]


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Strong aluminum chassis
  • 100% sRGB and DCI-P3 coverage + HDR support
  • High resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio + fast pixel response times
  • Deep blacks and virtually infinite contrast ratio
  • DialPad + fingerprint reader
  • USB4 + MicroSD card slot


  • Uses PWM below 110 nits (fixed by the My ASUS app)
  • 2 out of 3 USB Type-A ports run at 2.0 speeds
  • Soldered memory

ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (M7600, AMD Ryzen 6000 Series) - Specs

  • Samsung ATNA60YV02-0 (SDC415D)
  • Color accuracy  4.0  3.6
  • up to 4000GB SSD
  • RAM
  • up to 32GB
  • OS
  • Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Pro
  • Battery
  • 96Wh, 6-cell
  • Body material
  • Aluminum
  • Dimensions
  • 360.5 x 259 x 18.9 mm (14.19" x 10.20" x 0.74")
  • Weight
  • 1.95 kg (4.3 lbs)
  • Ports and connectivity
  • 2x USB Type-A
  • 2.0
  • 1x USB Type-A
  • 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gbps)
  • 1x USB Type-C
  • 4.0, Power Delivery (PD), DisplayPort
  • HDMI
  • 2.1
  • Card reader
  • MicroSD
  • Ethernet LAN
  • Wi-Fi
  • 802.11ax
  • Bluetooth
  • 5.0
  • Audio jack
  • 3.5mm Combo Jack
  • Features
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Web camera
  • HD with privacy shutter
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Microphone
  • Array Microphone with Cortana and Alexa voice rec.
  • Speakers
  • Speakers System, Harman/Kardon
  • Optical drive
  • Security Lock slot

Are you tired of choosing between performance and portability for your next mobile workstation? Look no further. This is where the Vivobook Pro 16X OLED shines, thanks to AMD and their Ryzen 6000H processors. Could that be the perfect Creator laptop? Stay with us to find out.


The laptop has a metal build and offers two colors, either a 0°Black or Meteor White color, both with an anodized finish. There’s an embossed plaque, bearing ASUS and Vivobook branding. Durability is sufficient, despite the thin profile of 18.9 mm. Weight is kept in check, stopping at 1.95 kg.

[Input devices]

The lid of the laptop opens easily with one hand, showing off the thin bezels around the OLED panel, and the base. The top bezel has a webcam with a privacy shutter and also houses the microphones with AI Noise cancellation so that you sound the best during meetings.

On the base, there’s a colorful keyboard, with an orange escape key and grey buttons on the left and right. The keys are tactile, sporting long key travel and clicky feedback, so you can type all day and all night. It’s also illuminated. The DialPad is definitely more interesting, having integration inside the OS itself as well as many 3rd party software, including the Adobe suite. It’s part of the touchpad that can mimic a physical rotating Dial, while not taking any extra space on the base. All in all, it’s very convenient and faster than keyboard shortcuts when you have to switch between brushes or scroll through the timeline of a video edit. The pad is very smooth, with a clicky mechanism and accurate tracking. It’s also 52% bigger than the previous generation, which is a welcome change.

We almost forgot to mention the fingerprint reader inside the power button, speeding up the login process so you can get straight to editing.


Going over to the sides, we’re greeted by a lot of ports, including two full-sized USB 2.0 ports, one full-sized USB 5-gigabit port, an HDMI 2.1 port for up to 8K 60fps output, one USB4 Type-C port, a MicroSD card reader, and an audio jack.


The star of the show is the 16-inch 4K OLED panel with a 16:10 aspect ratio. It has 400 nits of brightness and shows 100% DCI-P3 coverage, so you’re covered when it comes to Creator work. The panel is very accurate, thanks to the Pantone validation. Despite not being a gaming laptop, the display delivers a 2 ms response time, while using up to 70% less blue light than competitors.

Our Design and Gaming profile further improves the colors, delivering a delta E value of 1.5 in the DCI-P3 color space with a D65 white point. Also, we see PWM usage up to 110 nits, but it is easily preventable by using our Health-Guard profile. We’ll link all of our profiles in the video description.


The high-quality display is accompanied by Haman/Kardon speaker setup that provides clear audio with no frequency deviations, so movie fans can get as much as possible out of it.


By the way, the notebook can last for more than 12 hours of watching movies without a charger, thanks to the massive 96Wh battery – pretty close to the 100Wh limit that’s legally allowed inside laptops on planes. Our web browsing test showed even longer runtime – 16 hours and 29 minutes. And that is when paired with the powerful Ryzen 9 6900HX.


The performance of the Ryzen 9 is excellent, being close to or matching the Core i7-12700H and the Core i7-1280P. For graphics, you rely on the RTX 3050 Ti, capped at 65W. It’s great for Creator work, providing excellent hardware acceleration for video rendering and other heavy workloads.


Keeping the hardware cool is the job of the IceCool Plus setup with two pipes and two fans. It does really well, keeping the Ryzen 9 6900HX well above the 45W base TDP with high clock speeds and okay temperatures.

The GPU doesn’t reach its 65W TGP, while getting a bit hot, at 86°C in prolonged loads, like video rendering. However, despite what’s happening on the inside, you can’t really feel it on the base, as the hotspot measures at just 42°C. The fans also get loud, but they’re still bearable.

[Teardown and upgradeability]

The Vivobook comes with soldered memory for up to 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM. Storage-wise, there’s one M.2 slot for Gen 3 or Gen 4 SSD.

We’ll leave our teardown video in the description below, where you can check out how the upgrade process goes.


The Vivobook Pro 16X OLED combines powerful hardware with a sleek and elegant look. It is as convenient as having a desktop but with a long-lasting battery so you can work as much as you want, wherever you want. This is probably the perfect balance of performance and efficiency.

On our website, you can find further testing, as well as comparisons to many of the Vivobook’s competitors, so you can accurately determine if this is the notebook for you.

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