ASUS ROG G551JW (GeForce GTX 960M) shows better battery performance than its competitors

G551-Left-Back-Open90The next in line in your labs is the refreshed ASUS ROG G551 notebook that features GeForce GTX 960M GPU. So we’ve had the chance to test its battery life without too much hope, though. Almost every gaming notebook doesn’t deliver the desired battery performance, but this one here actually proved to be a bit better than its competitors.

The notebook has a 56Wh (5000 mAh) battery manufactured by Simplo Technology (LC32LG126Q-8) that was able to handle the power-hungry hardware quite good. Browsing time was 273 minutes, watching a movie will get you through 235 minutes and the gaming test got the most out of the battery – just 64 minutes. This might not seem a lot but compared to the Lenovo Y50 and Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition, it did pretty well. For the record, Lenovo’s machine and Acer’s notebook were able to go for 200 and 233 minutes of browsing and 181 and 198 minutes of video playback, respectively. Note that all tests were run under the same conditions – Wi-Fi is on, Bluetooth is off, power saver is on, and screen brightness is set to 120 cd/m2.

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