Intel published a web page dedicated to the Optane memory

Intel always manages to draw attention to their products with next to no effort. This is also the case with its Optane memory which is being commented on for the past two years. But now we are starting to see more of it as Intel has dedicated a whole web page on it. The first iteration of Intel Optane Memory will be the 8000p series.

The web page is focusing on  16 and 32 GB M.2 modules which will play the role of an “accelerator” to the configuration that they are added to. It is important to say that the aforementioned capacities do not include an installed operating system and it’s most likely to see the drives combined with Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver serving as a caching device for an HDD.

The speeds of the XPoint chips used in Optane is phenomenal especially when we take into consideration the fact that they use only two lanes of the PCIe 3.0 bus. Exactly the use of only two lanes translates to a bottleneck when comparing to a high-end NAND SSDs. This leads us to the conclusion that it is most likely to see the Optane drives in a combination with a hard disk – similar to the SSHD technology. 32 GB of cache will definitely keep the needs of a general user satisfied while keeping the price low too compared to NAND SSD devices.

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