Second debut of the ASUS G752VS laptop with GTX 1070, this time in Russia (but the price is much higher)

g752-russiaDid ASUS decide that $2299 / 2060 EUR is a low price for a laptop with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 and raise it up to $2899 / 2599 EUR or that’s just for the unlucky Russians? We can’t answer that but we must say that a month after our first discovery of G752VS (detailed specs) on the EU market at the price of 2060 EUR, thanks to our partners at Browswave, leading market analysis service, we stumbled upon another offer and this time it wasn’t that tempting.

ASUS G752’s configuration with Intel Core i7-6700HK, Full HD screen, GTX 1070, 32GBs of RAM and 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD will cost 2599 EUR, and based on the specific version, it could go up to 3249 EUR / $3625 (with 4K screen, 64GB RAM and 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD).

If you’d like to see configurations and prices of the latest available gaming notebooks, check this link:

Don’t forget to come back on 16th August, when we’ll release a bunch of GTX 1070 articles, tests, benchmarks, and comparisons. And we have A LOT of new surprises for you!

Are you looking for a laptop with a GTX 1xxx Pascal GPU and what do you think about the price? You can share your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Browswave

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Umit Erdem
7 years ago

Dear Simeon, thx 4 the news,
I am waiting for a Laptop which is powered by 1060 or rx 470 m, if it will be too late for them i will go for Dell 7559 /960m so,
Also ı have a budget 1000 usd Max,
What do you recommend, thanks.

7 years ago

I am really loving the idea of getting an laptop with an 1060 of 1070 but my limit is 2000€ so i habe high hopes an mabe MSI could make a god deal

7 years ago
Reply to  Tagor

Same for me, can’t reach 2000€. I’m really eager to see what will be MSI’s offer, since the high-end asus gaming are generaly more expensive with a very … “particular” (not to say ugly) design, plus MSI got’s a lot of intressting features such as steelseries keyboards and Dynaudio. Let’s hope that this overprice is juste for russia (lol) and 1070 gtx will be affordable at 2000€ for european countries.

7 years ago

I don’t know who decides prices but I think they would sell a lot more units if they go for lower ones. 1070 and 1080 versions will both be very niche, while on the previous generation at least the 970m devices didn’t skyrocked. Over 2,000 for a laptop is not even worth of a consideration for most users and 9xx users will wait years before upgrading, waiting for 4k screens to be more affordable too (without 4k 9xx is generally enough) I was waiting myself for Pascal to upgrade, but if will adopt an aggressive price strategy I’ll end… Read more »