Intel UHD Graphics 620 vs HD Graphics 620 – what are the differences?

Intel’s new 8th generation brings refreshed versions of some Kaby Lake chips. For now, we know the Intel Core i5-8250U, Intel Core i5-8350U, Intel Core i7-8550U and Intel Core i7-8650U. the new chips hide something special up their sleeve which you can find out in our detailed comparison of the Core i7-8550U and Core i7-7500U.

The new Kaby Lake-R chips also feature an updated graphics unit. The older HD Graphics 620 now becomes UHD Graphics 620. We have already written about the new GPU and we even provided with the first ever gameplay footages recorded using it. However, now it is time to compare it to its predecessor.

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There are actually no major changes between the two integrated GPUs. The biggest difference is the name. Intel rebranded the HD Graphics 620 to UHD Graphics 620 to distinguish it as a part of the 8th generation. Both GPUs have a base clock speed of 300 MHz and a maximum clock of 1150 MHz depending on the model of the CPU. They both have 24 EUs (Execution Units) and strongly rely on the main system memory (2x 64bit DDR3/DDR4) for their performance. They are both found in ULV chips so the TDP is 15W.

Intel UHD Graphics 620 brings support for H.265/HEVC Main10 profile in hardware with 10-bit colors as well as VP9 codec and HDCP 2.2. These are the most notable changes from the HD Graphics 620, however, HDCP 2.2 was added to older models back in May.

Overall, there is nothing to be excited about. However, we could expect better power optimizations and 4K content management.

You can check out the full technical specifications of the HD Graphics 620 and the UHD Graphics 620

All of the laptops with Intel UHD Graphics 620

All of the laptops with Intel HD Graphics 620

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6 years ago

Can HD Graphics 620 play quad HD (2560×1440) or 4K (3840×2160) videos without getting stuck every now & then?

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wacky paki
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dab popo
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someone call the dab swat, i can’t handle it alone