ADATA XPG Dazzle DDR4 RAM Modules – Glowing RAM sticks for your gaming configuration


You may have noticed that we publish a good number of materials devoted to gaming products and you won’t be surprised that the current article again deals with a device that falls into this category. We are talking about the ADATA XPG Dazzle DDR4 16 GB RAM kit. In the package you will find two 8 GB DDR4 sticks which can be a really stylish addition to the interior of your computer case.

If you are interested in this product, you can check its current price and availability here:

Taking a look at the front of the box, we can find some interesting product information. Below the stylish XPG logo we find a small sticker which tells us that we have purchased two 8 GB sticks, DDR4 2400. In the lower left corner we read that these chips boast Thermal Conductive technology, and this ensures better cooling and stability. Additionally, the sticks support the Intel XMP 2.0 profile. Another fascinating feature is the LED lighting along the arches – it has been integrated in the heatsink itself. It is important to note that you can’t control the pattern in which these lights glow, and you can’t turn them completely off. This is an important consideration for you gaming fans. Last but not least, we are informed that the product comes with a lifetime warranty, although this is further subject to justification depending on where the product is sold.

When you open the box, you won’t find anything but the two sticks. Actually, there is a user manual but it’s on the inside of the box and you will have to tear it apart if you want to read it. Taking a look at the RAM chips themselves, we observe the appealing metal design and the enjoyable combination of black and red. When the LEDs are on, they glow in red and this further emphasizes the aggressiveness of the chips – something that will definitely be appreciated by gamers. We must also note the dimensions of this product because this can be of utmost importance when putting together your configuration. The glowing arches result in additional height, and for this reason we have included the image below, which you can consult when if you are unsure whether the sticks will fit in your system.


Also noteworthy is the fact that the DDR4 memory type has better performance and lower energy consumption than DDR3. The product in discussion has lower operating voltage of 1.2 V, which ensures lower temperatures and less power draw. According to the manufacturer, DDR4 needs only 1.35 V to achieve considerably higher frequencies than DDR3, and that it can reach 3200 MHz effortlessly (which is great for overclocking fanboys).


Specs sheet

ModelADATA XPG Dazzle DDR4 2400
Size8GB x 2
Voltage1.2 V
  • LED lighting
  • Thermal conductive technology
  • Intel XMP 2.0
  • Lifetime warranty
Dimensions139 x 47.3 x 76 mm (length x height x width)

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