Apple’s AI Privacy Under Fire: Is Elon Musk Right, and Should You Be Worried?

Elon Musk recently stirred controversy by questioning Apple Intelligence and its potential impact on user privacy. Through tweets and a provocative meme, Musk suggests that Apple’s integration with OpenAI might compromise data security. Is there truth to Musk’s claims?

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First, it’s important to note that Apple has indeed developed its own AI. Although they rarely use this acronym, the fact that most of the work is being done locally means that Apple has its own AI model integrated into the core of your device.

So, here are the three levels of AI use on iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia:

1. On-Device Processing

Most of the tasks demonstrated at the keynote are processed locally on your device.

2. Private Cloud Compute

For more challenging requests, where your device isn’t powerful enough to complete the task in a timely manner, Apple has built server centers called Private Cloud Compute. Your data is never stored on them.

3. Optional: External LLM (like OpenAI)

The situation depicted in Musk’s meme is optional and is no different than just using the ChatGPT app on your phone. Sending data to OpenAI will always require permission from you and is limited to Siri and Writing Tools.

Contrary to Musk’s suggestions and expectations, Apple hasn’t integrated ChatGPT at the OS level. This assertion appears to either be an attempt to create more drama or indicates that Musk hasn’t watched the event.


Elon Musk is stirring up some drama by claiming Apple’s AI might be a privacy nightmare because of its integration with OpenAI. But here’s the summary:

Apple has its own robust AI system that processes most tasks right on your device, with more complex requests handled by their secure Private Cloud Compute. The OpenAI part is optional and only happens if you give permission.

So, while it’s always good to stay alert about privacy, Apple seems to have thought this through. Musk might just be feeling left out of the AI excitement this time around!

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1 month ago

But how can you be sure that the cloud compute servers won’t store anything? Nothing on the cloud is necessarily deleted remember