Here are all the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake-H CPUs for laptops

An Intel roadmap has surfaced on the Internet and it reveals detailed information about a plethora of upcoming processors. There are different families, series etc. and a lot of desktop models as well but we will focus on the Coffee Lake-H mobile CPUs.

Although Intel’s 8th generation is available since the end of the summer, in the mobile department we were stuck with a few Kaby Lake-Refresh models. Not that we complain about their performance but they aren’t the new Coffee Lake architecture. By the looks of it, all models below should become available before the end of Q2 2018.

We get two Core i5 and two Core i7 Coffee Lake-H CPUs. We also add two new Xeon processors – the Xeon E-2176M and Xeon E-2186M. They are part of the Mehlow Workstation platform and are part of the Coffee Lake-E series. They should also become available until the end of Q2 2018.

Below you can find the specs of all the mentioned models as well as a link to their pages with detailed information including price and benchmarks when they become available.

 Cores  Threads  Base clock  Multi Core Boost  Single Core Boost  L3 cache  TDP
 Core i5-8300H  4 8  2.30 GHz  3.90 GHz  4.00 GHz  8MB  45W
 Core i5-8400H  4 8  2.50 GHz  4.10 GHz  4.20 GHz  8MB  45W
 Core i7-8750H  6  12  2.20 GHz  3.90 GHz  4.10 GHz  9MB  45W
 Core i7-8850H  6  12  2.60 GHz  4.00 GHz  4.30 GHz  9MB  45W
 Xeon E-2176M  6  12  2.70 GHz  4.10 GHz  4.40 GHz  12MB cTDP 45-65W
 Xeon E-2186M  6  12  2.90 GHz  4.30 GHz  4.80 GHz  12MB cTDP 45-65W

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Sahas Arya
5 years ago

When can we expect a laptop with the new i5 or i7 in the market?
When are these chips even going tobe announced?