Inside HP Omen 17 (2021, 17-ck0000) – disassembly and upgrade options

We have a gaming laptop with a big 17.3″ screen and good upgradability options. This is the HP Omen 17 (2021, 17-ck0000) – let’s check the internals.

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1. Remove the bottom plate

Sadly, but the removal of the bottom plate isn’t an easy job. Especially if you don’t want to cause any visible damage to the notebook’s body. First of all, you have to undo 8 Phillips-head screws. Unluckily, the inside clips of the bottom panel are extremely stiff and the bottom plate is almost “glued” to the base.

The easiest way to pop the plate is to try your luck around the area that is close to the two back edges (beneath one of the two hinges). Then, you can start to carefully work your way around all sides of the laptop.

2. Battery

HP uses an 83Wh battery to power the device.

3. Мemory and storage

Memory-wise, the laptop has two SODIMM slots that can handle up to DDR4-3200MHz RAM (in dual-channel mode).

When it comes to storage, this HP notebook has two M.2 slots – one is Gen4 while the other is a normal Gen3 slot. We can spot two dedicated metal cooling covers for each M.2 slot with preinstalled thermal pads for better heat dissipation when the NVMe is under serious load.

4. Cooling system

The big cooling solution has three heat pipes – two of them are thicker and they are shared for CPU and GPU cooling while the third one is solely dedicated to cooling down the video card. The two big cooling plates are meant for cooling the memory chips and the VRMs.

Check out all HP Omen 17 (2021, 17-ck0000) prices and configurations in our Specs System or read more in our In-Depth review.

HP OMEN 17 (17-ck0000, 2021) in-depth review

The Omen series always offers gamer-centric devices. Recently, we have reviewed the HP Omen 15 (2021, 15-en1000) and now it's time to see how good is the bigger sibling - the HP Omen 17 (2021, 17-ck0000).In the past few years, HP released some good Omen gaming devices that have some user-accessible tuning options like fan control, CPU undervolting, and even GPU TGP adjustment like the HP Omen 15 (15-dh1000). Luckily, the HP Omen 17 (2021, 17-ck0000) brings the same goodies via the Omen Gaming Hub app.Expectedly, in 2021, Omen's big boy can be configured with up-to-date hardware that in[...]


  • High TGP GPUs
  • Rigid chassis
  • 2x M.2 PCIe slots, 2x RAM SODIMM slots in dual channel, Wi-Fi 6
  • Covers 94% of the sRGB color gamut and has a good contrast ratio (AUO AUO0A97)
  • Snappy panel with quick response times (AUO AUO0A97)
  • PWM-free (AUO AUO0A97)
  • SD card slot on-board
  • Good I/O


  • The lid and the bottom panel are made of plastic
  • Bendable lid
  • Color accuracy isn't good (AUO AUO0A97)
  • Poor battery life
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